Nicole Gets Her Ass Cum Washed

Nicole Ray

Nicole is a sultry, seductive, blonde, size queen, with a svelte, toned, ballerina’s body, who is interviewing a stud, that answered her add, looking for big cocks. After he unfurls his massive, meat stick, she ravenously sucks it, with rapacious, sluttish avarice, gusto, and adroit, oral artistry, giving him, an awe inspiring, blow job. His talented tongue, then lavishly licks, her sweet, bald, honeyed hole, as she talks dirty, to him, while moaning elatedly. Then, he potently plows his titanic tool, into her, as she moans and cries out, in debauched exultation. Mounting him, in reverse cowgirl, she wildly slams her greedy cunt, onto him, with savage fury, as she moans and wails, in decadent jubilation. Once in doggie, he brutishly slams his monster cock into her, as she moans and howls, with raw, untamed, passions. Rolling into spoon, he vigorously drills his demon dick into her, as she fingers her clit, unleashing multiple, jaw dropping, screaming, squirting, exorcism worthy orgasms. Then, in an impressive acrobatic display, with her suspended, in the air, supported on his cock, and one arm, he barbarously drives his colossal cock into her, sending her, into a moaning, shrieking, cock crazed revelry. Resuming her wild ride, in reverse cowgirl, he fiercely his cock into her, before returning to missionary, then doggie, as she moans and shrieks, in an intoxicated, dick delirium, until he spray paints her ass, with a copious coating of cum.

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