An Orgy for the Ages

Sasha Casey, Savannah Fox, Alice Frost, Maia Davis, Summer Rae

For those of you who fancy a free-for-all fabulous fuck-fest, your dreams have come true. Once again, we’ve assembled a stellar cast of five of the nastiest, most gluttonous cock-crazed sluts we could find, Alice Frost, Maia Davis, Sasha Case, Savannah Fox, and Summer Rae, whose voracious sexual appetites know no bounds. We’ve added five of our most steadfast, steely studs, Jay Crew, Dick Chibbles, Chad Diamond, and Jack Vegas; now, let’s let nature take its course! Knowing that, once this group of ravenous, depraved, sybaritic sex fiends got together, the results would be a forgone conclusion, we just stood back with camera in hand to capture the inevitable extraordinary carnal volcanic eruption of fiery frenzied sucking and fucking that would surely follow, and boy were we right. Like sharks in a sexual feeding frenzy, their voracious appetites are boundless, so rest assured every honey pot will be licked, every potent prick will be sucked, and every hungry hole will be fervently fucked in every position imaginable, with more multiple mix and match combinations than there are in a Rubik's Cube, including some astounding acrobatics that have to be seen to be believed. As an added treat, you’ll be amazed that this depraved free-for-all is cute little red-haired Sasha Case’s first sex scene on camera, but you’d suspect it because she takes to it like a duck takes to water, out-fucking some of the more seasoned veterans but enjoying it just as much, if not more so. She eagerly strives to sample all of the available talent, both male and female, every way that she possibly can, including offering to be the base of a sexual pyramid of pounding. This rookie’s got spunk, and now splooge as well. Don’t try to figure out who’s doing what to whom, just enjoy let this decadent display wash over you like a tidal wave or lustful abandon. It’s obvious that these folks are having a good ole time, laughing, joking, licking, sucking, fucking, with pussies squirting and gut-wrenching multiple orgasms, as these voracious trollops have way too many screaming, eye-rolling to the back of the head orgasms to keep track of. Like good friends at an all you can eat buffet, the guys pass the girls around, expounding upon their sexual virtues and why their compadres absolutely have to experience their various sexual charms. As an extra added bonus, there is a hidden Easter egg hunt; see if you can figure out which girl had a heart tattooed inside of her hooch. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and, in the grand finale, our goosy gang of virile, zealously impassioned manly men let fly some supreme seminal eruptions, plastering the faces of our horny harlots with their gooey goop and leaving the sultry strumpets looking like a freshly baked batch of glazed donuts. Veteran cocksman Jay tells us that Summer Rae has tightest pussy that he’s every fucked in his long, illustrious career, so she gets the last word as she speaks to the camera with a big smile stretching from ear to ear, and a pint of baby batter splattered all over her face, “Best orgy ever! I had sooo much fun!” So heed her enthusiastic endorsement and watch this scene; you’ll have sooo much fun, watching the best orgy ever!

Categories: Hardcore

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