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Nikki Hunter

Nikki Hunter is the epitome of the blond bombshell, with a face and body made for sin. The scene starts off with her in bed with a big, beefy black guy who’s apparently trying to make it as trumpet player, looking for his big break. Nikki reminds him that he owes her, so he starts to kiss and fondle her fabulous body to pay his debt. Proving that he actually can play pretty well, he puts his trumpet on her boob while playing a blues riff, which apparently vibrates her nipples in a very pleasurable way. He goes on to play on her ass to vibrate it as well. I thought I had seen everything, but I have never seen a trumpet used as a sonic sex vibrator before. Apparently she gets off on his musical composition, because Nikki gets wound up and ready to show him how well she can blow his impressive, pitch-black, fleshy horn of plenty. Nikki, devours his cock like a shark in the middle of a feeding frenzy. With no obvious gag reflex, she deepthroats with ease, giving a glorious, sloppy, nasty blowjob as he licks her pierced, shaved pussy in a 69. Nikki typifies the old cliché that she can suck the chrome off a bumper. Eager to put his ebony wonder wand into her bejeweled, pierced pussy, she mounts him in reverse cowgirl, going from zero to sixty in one second flat. This insatiable slut can’t get enough, and starts coming quickly, and never seems to stop. She fucks like a woman, who is possessed by some sort of sex demon. She is the perfect slut in every aspect, talking dirty par excellence, giving a blowjob that could raise the dead, fucking like an insatiable banshee succubus, and loving every minute of it as she cums like a freight train with no brakes. After driving him crazy sucking her slut juice off his potent pecker, she re-mounts him in cowgirl, galloping towards some debauched, euphoric rapture while showcasing her amazing ass, which the guy enjoys spanking, putting her into overdrive. Nikki’s indefatigable lust is like a of nature, an awesome power to behold. Taking control, he flips her into missionary, plowing her slut box and slamming his inky black pillar of pleasure into her until she screams with orgasmic, gut-wrenching elation. Looking to tickle her tonsils, he lays her on the edge of the bed, with her head is hanging off, so as to open up her throat for a good throat-fucking, which she seems to truly relish. From there he grabs her up, flipping her upside down for a vertical 69 with Nikki slobbering all over his knob while he licks her honeyed hole standing up. Tossing her down on the bed, he plows her slutty furrow in spoon while she frenetically fingers her magic button, bringing her to a multitude of gut-wrenching, screaming orgasms, Unable to hold back any longer, the dude pulls out, spraying his sweet slut sauce into her mouth and filling it to the brim, which is a protein drink that puts a smile on her face as she savors it, licking every drop from her lips to insure none escapes her. Nikki is truly an insatiable slut extraordinaire. A true sex Goddess incarnate.

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