Right Between Her Legs

Richelle Ryan

Richelle is a buxom, tanned, raven-haired sex pot, with tons of T & A, who has such a debauched gleam in her eyes that she seems to have been genetically engineered to be a fembot whose sole purpose in life is to give a man more carnal pleasure than he ever thought possible, and she’s proud of it. Inpatient slut that she is, she’s come to Christian’s workplace, as he finishes up in a restaurant kitchen, so she can jump his bones the second he’s off. As soon as he’s off the clock, she whips out his towering, titanic tool to give him an award-worthy blowjob. She should have a PHD in cock sucking; a true oral artist, she obviously loves creating a scintillating sensory masterpiece, with her talented tongue, lips, and hands all working together in sexy, sultry, sybaritic, perfectly choreographed unison. With his monumental manhood hard enough to break bricks, Christian bends her over a table, taking her from behind in a standing doggie. Not only does she have massive mammies, but she also has a big, beautiful, firm round ass. In a breathtaking feat of acrobatic debauchery, he turns her to the side so she’s standing on one leg as he holds the other over his shoulder to open her up, and he arduously slams his prodigious pecker into her ravenous juice box with zealous ferocity, while giving us an amazing wide open view as she moans and groans. Deliriously intoxicated by her unbridled lust, she can’t get enough and screams like a banshee unleashed. Looking to give her legs a rest, her muscular Adonis lays her on a table while he stands before her, drilling her cum bucket for all he’s worth before climbing onto the table to continue pulverizing her pussy in spoon while she frantically fingers her clit. Being the greedy, gluttonous, cock-addicted slut that she is, she begs him to give it to her harder and faster as she rides the waves of her own orgiastic gratification, luxuriating in the decadent sensations engulfing her. She mounts his towering obelisk of lust for a raucous ride in cowgirl as her beautiful, big, round ass bounces on his potent prick, and she gallops towards her hedonistic haven. When she spins around to continue her debauched sojourn in reverse cowgirl, we get an amazing view of her shaved snatch being impaled on his titanic meat saber as it’s being fired into her harlot’s hole with machine gun-like rapidity. She writhes in intoxicated orgasmic revelry upon it until he finally pulls out, letting loose a geyser of creamy cum into her open mouth. Being the slut that the is, she blows bubbles with it before swallowing every drop, then uses her finger to clean off the residual that splashed onto her face so she can lick it clean, savoring every drop.

Categories: Hardcore

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