Fuckin' a Living Doll

Diana Doll

Diana is an iconic blond bombshell MILF that could turn on a rock at fifty paces. She decides to trade sexual favors in exchange for raffle tickets that a muscular stud is selling door to door. Driven by a gluttonous sexual appetites, she can’t get him naked with his cock in her mouth fast enough. She epitomizes the cliché that she could suck the chrome off of a bumper, devouring his dauntless dong with ravenous, demonish hunger and astounding oral expertise. Needing to fill all her other hungry holes, she mounts him in cowgirl, her tight round ass humping his potent prick with a fiery, feral frenzy, lost in her lascivious rapture. She continues her tumultuous ride in reverse cowgirl, slamming her closely cropped honeyed hole down to meet his formidable thrust with savage fury while frenetically fingering her clit, possessed by her own inner cravings. Inspired by her unbridled passion, her beefy stud drills her harlot’s hole in spoon with fanatical fury as screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms erupt from deep within her. After she sucks her pussy juice off of his rigid rod, he slams it into her in doggie like a jack hammer, furthering her screaming orgasmic releases. With her passions unchained, she’s like some ferocious, feral fuck-demon. Moving into missionary for the home stretch, he plows her cunt for all he’s worth until finally pulling out to let loose a geyser of cum into and all over her mouth.

Categories: Hardcore

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